Please see Live Preview theme below, each template installation is the same or approximately same like that unless there is a request for modification. Modification costs are not included in the cost of installation.

NOTE: Not all of the image like a DEMO, available during installation, it relates to the ‘copyrights’. Please read DESCRIPTION, whether this demo provides the images or vice versa.


Live Preview



Hyalite is all about sharing your ideas, both big and small. Long-form stories, informal asides, inspirational quotes, notable links, and even filtered photos of yesterday’s sunset feel at home thanks to WordPress post formats. You capture the idea, the moment, or the experience and Hyalite makes it easy to share.

Hyalite also has the ability to display your portfolio and highlight (high-a-light?) featured work, making it ideal for writers, designers, artists, and producers of digital content.

In a nutshell: Hyalite is a minimalistic, micro-blogging WordPress theme with a focus on typography and the ability to display a portfolio.

Take a look at the them documentation for a more thorough look at Hyalite’s features and detailed setup instructions:

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